Catering supplies

Catering supplies are more than just equipment or basic utensils that let us operate and accomplish our goals. It's a means of introducing ourselves to clients, building a name for our organization, and creating a seal of identification that will represent us, our guiding principles, and our commitment and hard work.

All catering supplies must also be as practical as possible, adhere to current laws, and deliver exceptional performance at a competitive price.

Consequently, considering the significance of catering supplies, we may create distinct groups and add the many attributes each group should possess based on its role in our company.


The catering supplies that are included in the equipment are all those appliances that are made with an industrial design that will enable us to separate, preserve, prepare, and present food in the best possible way, always customizing their features to the kind of business we operate.

The equipment we have to use must always be appropriate for the needs of our project, the various working characteristics of the products, and the maintenance of the nutritional properties, flavors, and cooking or preparation points. This applies to restaurants, buffets, catering services for communities or schools, hotels, or companies organizing events.

Many different kinds of machinery will enable us to optimize the whole restaurant preparation process, from the time of raw material acquisition to their ideal presentation at the table: chest freezers, scales of various sizes, mixers, kneaders, meat roasters, tray warmers, slicers of cold cuts or vegetables, food dehydrators, refrigerated displays and showcases, refrigerators, grills, griddles, dishwashers, packaging machines.

The equipment will enhance the culinary outcomes and enable us to proceed with our project with the highest assurances of effectiveness, safety, and quality provided that it is all functional and appropriate for our business at the time of working with it.

Pieces of furniture

The furniture in the kitchen is what enables us to manipulate and embellish our food and provides stability for a flawless presentation or service.

Therefore, all of the catering supplies that go with an industrial kitchen's furniture are constructed of stainless steel, welded constructions, and height-adjustable tube legs with a broad floor for working on. The legs come in various lengths to accommodate the various demands of each kitchen.

The AISI 340 stainless steel worktops and the auxiliary shelves—whether autonomous or intermediate—will also have finishes that can be satin-finished and omega-reinforced.

A vast array of furniture may be customized to fit the unique dimensions of every kitchen, including tables with built-in shelves, dishwasher racks and hollow shelves for sinks, auxiliary and corner tables, equipment supports, and more.

One of the standout items is the cold tables, a combination of furniture and appliances that enable us to have a workshop where we can work as efficiently as possible while also having multiple small refrigerators where we can keep the items we use most frequently close at hand, maximizing both the amount of work and the cold space for the food. These cold tables are typically constructed from AISI-340 stainless steel on the interior and exterior, with or without drainage. Curved edges, a reversible door opening mechanism, digital temperature control, an alert for excessive condensing temperature, and effective energy management are all features.

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