Spring Break Isn’t What it Used to Be

this actually happened when we went to the zoo over spring break

Spring break was epic in our house this year. There were moments of pure ecstasy,  nights staying up way too late, frenzied partying with friends, and, yes, even some vomiting due to excess.

Of course, none of that was done by me. But my boys lived the dream this spring break.

It seems utterly silly, let’s be honest, to even have a spring break for my preschooler. He is in a 4-day-a-week,  half day each day program. And as you all recall from my State of the Relationship letter with my preschool, we get more days off every month than I even want to count. Given that we pay a monthly tuition my stomach churns considering how many planned days we get off a month.

Then there were also all the snow days we had in NC this year. It was a vicious winter for all of us up & down the East Coast and NC schools at not prepared for ice and snow…or even the forecast of ice & snow, apparently. Schools were closed because of rain that was supposed to be ice a few times.

But spring break was actually FUN this year. Sure, it involved a lot of me trying to come up with creative ways to entertain two very active & physical boys that didn’t involve a glowing screen. And sure, it involved a lot of me trying not to freak out about the impending summer vacation looming on my Google calendar.

But this is The Bean’s last year in preschool. Next year he is in Kindergarten. While I know we will still get breaks it just seems bittersweet this year. Next year everything changes.  For a long time.

This year at spring break, too, I no longer have a baby. My youngest is 2 1/2 and capable of more. He is starting to get life and engage with it. He loves adventures and our trips out & about recently have, of course, been a stressful challenge but they have also been rewarding. His little face is filled with wonder and excitement at every turn.  It less about stressing out making sure I have decent changing facilities and more about enjoying him.

So no, I didn’t get to party, live again in my 19-year-old bikini body for one week, or drink pina coladas poolside.  But spring break was epic.

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Allison Barrett Carter

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3 thoughts on “Spring Break Isn’t What it Used to Be

  • April 21, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Ours is this week.
    And it’s funny because Des is in no program, and Scarlet goes to a school a whopping total of 12 hours a week.
    And yet I’m scrambling to do fun things. I think it’s the weather. It makes me wanna sing and shout.
    Tamara recently posted…I Got A Room At The Top Of The World Tonight.My Profile

  • April 21, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    What’s spring break? 😉 Seriously, though sounds like a good time was had by all. Cracking up at the photo. Many years ago before we became parents, Trent & I (along with a LARGE crowd) witnessed a similar episode with the elephants when the zoo members were welcomed to a special, early morning event as part of the opening of the new viewing area in Africa. That was a visual I will never forget!
    Sarah @ 2paws Designs recently posted…First (Dentist) VisitMy Profile

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