A “Currently” Post for April 2014

2014-4-2 currently post

“currently” I am…

…reading a lot that is work-related, like Accelerate!: Move Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing and Born to BlogSexy, right?  I am a geek. But I just launched my business site, officially, and I love my work.  Reading these make me happy and inspired.  I tried to get through The Goldfinch but had to put it down.  Thus, now when I need a break from my job-books I read blogs.  Does that make it better or worse?  Do you have work that you love to engage in during your spare time?  Are you able to work your passion?  Currently, I feel blessed that life has had enough twists and turns that I am able to work in a new industry that combines everything I love.

…eating clean.  Still! Mostly clean, I guess I should qualify.  (We took my parents to Dos Perros in Durham this week and how can you have dinner there without a fantastic margarita? Especially when a light summer breeze sweeps in for the first time in the year, the sounds of downtown Durham’s gentle, tough and rough bustle start, and you are sitting outside under twinkling lights…) But overall, this Clean Eating Challenge has become a habit. 

…thinking about my career.  A lot.  The part time job I was so excited and anxious about didn’t work.  There were tears and a final, emotional, shoulder heaving meltdown while sitting on the steps in my house, alone.  While I am still working for the company some I am also taking on new clients.  This has me constantly wondering “What’s Next.”  Making the tough decision I had to worked out best for my family, but I feel pulled in many different career-related directions these days. I just don’t know where to turn my energies:  Focus on this blog here (which actually, shock of shocks, has had a slew of sponsorship opportunities lately, how?!), spend more time pitching my creative writing and freelance ideas (except that rejection hurts), invest solely and completely in my content marketing and blog writing for companies … and if that last one is where I am going how much money and time can I sink in before I start operating “in the black.”  Wolf of Wall Street I am not.

2014-4-2 currently post 2

…enjoying my kids.  In this blogging world of sarcastic, tongue in cheek, sometimes bordering on cruel mommy blogging and essays, this might be a strike against me.  It seems as though the message sent is that as a “mommy blogger,” to be popular and to be rightfully staking your place in the upper echelon, you must make fun of your kids and/or complain about how hard and miserable it all is.  But I don’t feel this way…currently.  The Bug is over 2, The Bean is nearing 5.  It feels like there has been a break in the toughest and hardest part (until teenage years, I bet).  They are more independent which means I get moments to breathe.  I can go to the bathroom with the door shut. To top if off they are so, so fun.

…watching nothing.  March Madness rules our TV on the weekends and I can’t stand basketball on TV (too much squeaking!).  The How I Met Your Mother Finale is sitting queued on our DVR but until both the hubs and I can sit down to watch it together it remains saved.  We are getting ready to cut the cord with DirecTV for the first time. Ever. And this summer we shall be liberated from the 200+ channels.  Wish us luck and more nights of puzzles and board games (are you laughing at that idea as hard as I am?).

…loving my home. Many days I find that all I want to do is curl inside the house, or play in our yard blowing bubbles with the grass between my toes.  This girl who used to want to go everywhere, do everything, is in a different part of her life. Evenings inside with a glass of wine cupped between my hands, a squishy blanket on my lap, my cat purring on my knees, a good (content marketing strategy) book and a candle burning while my loves sleep upstairs in their beds is bliss.  Afternoons of unexpected quiet and calm, watching the birds flit to and from the bird feeder outside, are filling my soul.  I know that many more adventures await me but inside my heart I know that right now I need quiet, peace, calm, rejuvenation, and stillness.

What do you currently love? What are you currently watching? What books are you currently reading? I hope life is peaceful and still for you in moments, too, friends.

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